Our construction consulting and advisory services include:

  • Engineering Design Support
  • Building & Site Construction Means & Methods
  • Existing Building Condition Assessments & Evaluations
  • Building Construction Claims Support
  • Dispute Resolution Support
  • Troubled or Failed Construction Project Turnarounds or Workouts
  • Governmental Agency Compliance Support
  • Environmental Issues
  • Real Estate Related Issues


Construction Consulting & Advisory Services


Based on 30+ Years of Construction & Engineering Practice.

We work with clients in every facet of the design, construction and real estate development industries including:

  • Attorneys
  • General Building Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction Manager
  • Building Owners
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Commercial Tenants
  • Property Developers
  • REITs
  • Business Owners
  • Municipalities
  • Government Agencies

Getting the job done is much easier with the right team in place...

HG Cornerstone combines relevant, research-based consulting and advisory services for multifamily apartment, condominium, retail, mixed-use, office, commercial, and industrial real estate planning, design, development and building construction. We consistently help our real estate investor clients reduce and control risk and solve technically challenging design, development and construction related problems.

With over 30 years of site development involvement, engineering practice and hands-on construction oversight and experience, we are uniquely positioned to help.


Don't delay in involving us...

Prior to construction, we identify problems well in advance, addressing potential issues before they can occur. But whether it’s before, during or after construction, it’s never too late to involve us.

HG Cornerstone works diligently to correct design and construction related issues that are discovered before they turn into claims. We also handle construction-related claims and construction defects issues as expert witness.

We begin with the end goal in mind...

Our construction consulting services begin with an initial consultation. Then, we tailor the scope of our services around the defined needs of our clients.

Our approach starts with carefully defining the issues at hand to develop an agreed-upon strategy, a pre-established work scope, and clearly defined set of deliverables. In this way, we work in the most cost-effective manner possible, proceed with the end goal in mind.

We have a solid track record of positive, successful outcomes.


Construction Consulting & Advisory Areas of Specialty

Capitalize on our 30+ Years of Construction & Engineering Experience

The types of construction projects that we can competently consult on are numerous. This is due to our extensive, combined construction and engineering experience, spanning over 30 years.

Our areas of specialty include:

Building Construction Design, Means & Methods

  • Comprehensive Engineering Design Services
  • Develop Scope, Schedule & Estimated Costs
  • Constructability Feasibility Evaluations
  • Evaluate & Recommend Construction Means & Methods
  • Materials Evaluation & Selection
  • Building Condition Assessments & Evaluations

Building Construction Claims Support

  • Preparation of Construction Claims
  • Review of Construction Claims
  • Construction Defects Assessments
  • Code Compliance Assessments
  • Schedule-Review & Time-Delay Impact Assessments
  • Cost Analyses & Estimations of Damages
  • Physical Damage Evaluations
  • Incomplete Construction Work Evaluations
  • Remaining Work Scope, Cost & Schedule to Complete Evaluations
  • Manpower Evaluations
  • Loss of Labor Productivity
  • Construction Contract Violations
  • Standards of Care
  • Improper Workmanship
  • Constructability Issues
  • Change Orders
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Unforeseen or Hidden Site Conditions
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • OSHA Violations
  • Worker Health & Safety Issues

Troubled Construction Project Takeover & Advisory

  • Initial Meeting With Owner(s) for Clarifications & Identification of Issues
  • Personal Interviews With Parties Involved: Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Inspectors & Public Agency Officials
  • Documents Review: Plans, Specifications, Permits, Building Code, Construction Contracts, Communications, Phone Logs, Faxes, E-Mails, Letters, Reports, Notices of Violation, Public Agency-Issued Documents, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Manuals, Warrantees
  • Site Visits
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Schedule Review & Time-Delay Impact Assessment
  • Contractor Productivity Analyses
  • Cost Analysis & Estimation of Cost Damages
  • Physical Damage & Incomplete Construction Evaluation
  • Remaining Work Scope, Cost, & Schedule to Complete Evaluation
  • Damages-Related Cost Estimating
  • Report Preparation
  • Meeting with Owner & Owner’s Legal Counsel
  • Take-Over of Project Management Function
  • Implement Project Changes
  • Manage Project through to Completion
  • Project Close-Out

Dispute Resolution Support

  • Specialized or Complex Situations
  • Meetings with Parties Involved
  • Technical Review of Issues
  • Field Investigations
  • Assessments & Recommendations
  • Report Preparation

Building Condition Evaluations & Assessments

  • Damage Evaluations & Assessments
  • Work-In-Progress Assessments
  • Comprehensive Engineering Design Services

Governmental Agency Compliance Support

  • Permit Conditions Review & Compliance Assistance
  • Code & Permit Conditions Compliance Assistance
  • HUD Compliance Assistance
  • Health & Safety Code Compliance


  • Planning & Zoning Violations
  • Easement & Rights-of-Way Issues
  • Hidden or Undisclosed Defects
  • Environmental Contamination
  • Geotechnical Issues
  • Site Drainage Issues


  • Real Estate Affected by Contamination
  • Buildings Damaged by Contamination
  • Improvements Damaged by Contamination
  • Construction Materials Damaged by Contamination
  • Environmental Trespass & Nuisance
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