Where do twenty- and thirty-somethings want to rent? A Boston viewpoint…

This past week I attended the Architectural Boston Expo 2012 a.k.a. ABX, held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center—Nov 14-16. I brushed up on everything from social networking to the anticipated future of multifamily living. Topics addressed included: What are our twenty- and thirty-somethings looking for in apartment communities? Can we keep them in Boston?

Our younger gens are much more social and seek out others with similar interests to share ideas with, collaborate with, and integrate with. The answers included smaller apartment floor plans that by the nature of their size are more affordable, flexible living space (the concept of movable walls, interior wall bike racks, self-expression walls for writing and posting on, and random areas to gather in), and connectivity to neighborhood venues to name a few. Some apt. developers are meeting this.

Neighborhoods are important too. Coffee shops, Internet cafes, smaller local clubs and meeting places steps away from the apartment, along with bike and commuter options close by. Where do you see multifamily products headed for this demographic in your area?  -Joel Breuer, PE